At Blažka & Co, we know you are the kind of couple who wants to be remembered in this world and relive how your love story changed it. Especially, in an elegant and timeless way.

In order for that to happen, you need a highly skilled team with significant experience photographing and filming weddings all over America and Italy.

The problem is, not all photographers and videographers are the same and will not take the time to discover and showcase your story the way it should be, which can easily make you feel overwhelmed by all the options in front of you.

We believe that you, and every high-value couple, should have the confidence and peace about the hands you are putting their legacy into, knowing you will get the results you are expecting and deserve.

That's why we created Blažka & Co with our combined 10+ years of experience in the educational and professional wedding space, motivated by the deep desire to give every couple a photo gallery and wedding film that excites them and rejuvenates their love.

And it's as simple as this:
1. Tell us about your plans using our inquiry form below.
2. Meet with us online to craft a custom photo + film collection.
3. Have the wedding of your dreams captured by experienced photo & video professionals.
4. View your photos and watch your film(s) weeks later at the tap of a button and fall in love all over again. (Repeat Step 4 Endlessly)

Fill out our inquiry form now, so you can experience the peace of having your legacy in the right hands, knowing one day your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will thank you for it.

Highest of Praise

"I'm so in love with this video... I don't have any words. Blažka & Co completely OUTDID themselves & I couldn't recommend a better group of people to work with and capture our special day! We will cherish this forever!!"

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The Experience




Fill out the inquiry form on the inquire page to see if we are available for your wedding date. You will hear from us within 48 hours to discuss your plans and schedule a call if we are available for your date(s).


Customize Your Collection

Since every wedding is unique, we will create a custom collection with you and include the add-ons that you can’t live without (spoiler: it’s most of them!). A signed contract and $1,000 non-refundable retainer for each service will be required to reserve your day.

Dream wedding experience


Your Dream Wedding

You experience your dream wedding in the hands of professional photographers and filmmakers and focus on what matters most – you and the love of your life making your mark on this world before God and your guests. We’ve got all the smiles, laughs, watery-eyes, and intimate touches covered so you can be in the moment, every moment.


Re-live Your Day

Assuming you added our client-favorites of sneak peak photos and a wedding trailer/teaser, your jaw drops when you see the first releases of your magical day. The colors, the emotions, the details, all amaze you and build your anticipation for your photo gallery and highlight film that will be delivered in 8 weeks and 12 weeks respectively. When the day comes, you will treat it like a movie premiere and plan out the time to meet on the couch in nervous anticipation. During and after you open and scroll through your gallery and hit play on your film, you will be overwhelmed with emotions… the tingles, the joy, the tears of happiness, and most of all, the feeling of uncontrollable love for the person beside you. We don’t say this happens, our couples do!

Looking for something in particular?


Experience. Experience. Experience.

Blažka has not only studied visual design, interior design, and fashion design for a combined decade at her country’s elite design schools attended by First Lady Melania Trump, but her eye for perspective and detail are unparalleled in this industry. Speaking herself, she jokingly states, “I may have drawn more chairs in my life than you’ve possibly sat on to master the art of perspective.” Unique perspective and the power of an unforced moment are what defines her photography style.

As far as Aaron, he has a bachelor’s in history and a master’s in video technology, culminating in a powerful force that drives his passion of creating wedding films that actually TELL A STORY. He refuses to give up his passion of teaching filmmaking full-time and reminds his students often of the power that is in their hands. As for you, “Imagine when the world looks back in hundreds or thousands of years and feels more connected to you and your spouse than to Julius Caesar or George Washington because of your wedding film.” Your story matters and how it changed the world matters even more.

We exist for the candid moments. Our approach to posing differentiates us from most other professionals because we always strive to capture natural interactions and unscripted moments that result in photos and films that authentically tell the story of your day. For our couples that do want bridal, wedding party, and/or family portraits, these are the only times of the day we will provide posing directions. Outside of that, we want to capture your day as it naturally unfolded.

1000% yes! To be honest, we would prefer using a solely customizable approach but our couples love seeing our pre-configured collections so they know what is possible! We require a video call to first get familiar with each other and second to do any customizing to ensure that you get the perfect collection that suits your needs.

We use a seamless online booking system that will manage all of our communication, important dates, and make the process of viewing/signing your contract and making your payments effortless. You can safely and securely pay using any debit/credit card or with online ACH bank transfers. We charge a $1,000 non-refundable retainer for each service (photo + film) to reserve your date and the remaining balance can be paid off in various intervals or all at once 30 days before your wedding.

You can expect your photos to be delivered in a beautiful, high-resolution, online gallery in 6-8 weeks after your wedding day. Sneak peaks, if included, will be delivered within 48 hours. All of our wedding galleries are personally edited without the use of AI that can miss those once-in-a-lifetime, artsy and creative photographs that can’t be identified or understood by a non-human program.

You can expect to receive your teaser/trailer within 15 days of your wedding if included in your collection. All other films, including your highlight film, will be delivered within 12-16 weeks of your wedding day.

You will receive ALL of our unique photos from your wedding day. We do not arbitrarily limit the number of photos delivered based on a collection booked because we believe you deserve ALL of the unique photos we captured while being integral to your day. You can expect to receive 50-100 unique photos for every hour we are capturing.

Our wedding highlight films vary in length from 4-6 minutes, 7-10 minutes, 12-15 minutes, and 18-22 minutes based on the collection booked. No two weddings are the same so we want to naturally let your story unfold within flexible parameters so as to tell it in the most powerful and complete way possible.

Our wedding trailers/teasers are provided in a 1 minute, 2 minute, and 3 minute option if added to your collection.

Our full ceremony films are dependent on the length of your ceremony. 4 cameras will be used to capture the best angles of your faces, a beautiful wide shot of the entire scene, and close-up details of importance items and the emotions of your guests.

Our wedding documentary films (aka raw footage) are provided in the options of 30-60 minutes, 60-120 minutes, and 120-240 minutes. These are rough edits, meaning they do not include background music but will be color matched and graded to the look of your highlight film.


We license ALL music through different music licensing sites, with our favorite being Musicbed. Due to copyright and legal reasons, we don’t take music requests. We aim to find songs that elevate your love and personality through the film, and capture the essence of your life-changing day. Because of the nature of art, we work with couples that give us full creative control to showcase their love story the best way possible.

No. Each of our unique collections was meticulously crafted by repeatedly asking ourselves the question, “What would WE want if we were our couples?” We would not want any hidden surprises or unexpected expenses later in the planning process so all of our collection proposals include the cost of travel/lodging.

It’s as easy as, “One payment/contract, one shared creative vision, and one matching color style for your wedding photos & films to complement the other in telling your story.”

You will also receive a financial benefit of a 10% discount for the booking of a photo + film collection. We love rewarding our couples that go all-in with us and we want to incentivize giving us full creative control with photo and film to make a true masterpiece of your day.

Working with a photo + film team has the MASSIVE benefit of all your creators being on the same page and knowing exactly how to work together. Our team works seamlessly knowing where and how everyone will be capturing various stages of your wedding day from the best positions, angles, and focal lengths.

This chemistry is what leads to the results you see in our portfolio.

Let's create something beautiful.


Blažka & Co. is founded by
Blažka and Aaron, international photographers and filmmakers capturing people's legacy. Based in Charleston, South Carolina and Amalfi, Italy, we are available to travel anywhere.

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