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AM Psihoterapija provides a deep rooted, integrative psychotherapy to young adults looking for a fresh start. She focuses on the bigger, broader picture by adding a spiritual and social dimension to counselling in a very safe and accepting space.

The challenge

The owner of AM Psihoterapija, Ane Marie, wanted to start her own psychotherapy business, which would allow her more freedom with her schedule. She needed a brand identity that would feel fun, relatable and welcoming to her younger audience, as mental health support can often feel dull and off-putting to people seeking help. At the same time, her brand needed to convey a sense of professionalism and trust to position herself as a knowledgeable authority in her field. 

The solution

The goal to establish her as a highly-valued knowledgeable choice in the psychotherapy field was achieved by creating a brand identity that feels warm, inviting and modern, and yet still has the professional feeling she was seeking. We mainly sourced inspiration for the brand from the coast, which is a big referencing point throughout her therapies, and we incorporated that into her main logo and color palette. The hand drawn typography symbolizes the approachable aspect of the business, and gives it a relaxed, calming, and beachy feeling.


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