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Studio Simba provides a serene experience for hard-working women looking to unwind from their busy schedules. They go above and beyond with their cosmetic services to create a rejuvenating and relaxing atmosphere.

The challenge

The owner of Studio Simba created a cosmetic studio that is a one stop shop for any cosmetic service you need. She wanted her brand to feel very calming, relaxing and clean, and wanted that to be recognized as soon as you encounter her brand. She chose a sentimental name she wanted displayed in a refined minimalistic way, while also wanting her entire brand identity to feel high-end.

The solution

After hearing the business name and vision, we decided it was clear the inspiration should be sourced from the deserty nature, and that is how we chose the earthy color palette. We created a custom illustration for Studio Simba that serves as their recognizable brand mark and is used all over their collateral material. Choosing clean, modern typography added sophistication to the brand with refined maturity and elegance, and paired with the illustration, it creates a brand identity women can identify with.

Studio Simba branding design

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