developing scroll-stopping brands
for lifestyle businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

Your brand is about so much more than just the visuals. It’s about the story, the connection and the experience. I believe in crafting timeless brands that are not only beautiful and cohesive, but based in story-rich strategy created specifically for your business' needs.

Blazka & Co

Your branding is the first thing your clients see - and it’s what they will associate with your business from that moment on. This branding package exists for business owners who are ready to dig deeper into their brand identity in order to create a genuine connection with their clients and turn them into life-long paying customers with visual storytelling and gorgeous looks.

3 - 4 weeks

brand identity

brand identity services

Your website should reflect the quality of your work and bring you closer to your business goals, which we will achieve by using your custom visuals, strategic application, intuitive page flows and high-quality design throughout your site. Your website will be build to house your brand in an elegant digital space that inspires your audience to stay a while and form lasting connections.

web design services

4 - 6 weeks

website design

I offer 'à la carte' services for brands and business owners looking for a variety of professional design services to spruce up their stationery and marketing materials, refresh their socials, or are in need of custom packaging and label design. My creative offerings go far beyond the base branding packages and we're here to craft your most detailed dreams to life.

based on scope

À la carte

À LA CARTE services

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Branding is about creating a custom identity that is able to cohesively and seamlessly translate across all platforms and grow with your business for years to come. I’m a firm believer in going beyond just a logo to tell your brand’s full story, and if it is your mission to stand out from the crowd, then I strongly suggest you invest in a custom brand identity experience. For that reason, I do not offer logos separately. I specialize in developing strategic brand identities that work as a whole with the rest of your visual material you use to communicate with your audience, and with that create a lasting experience.

  • font licenses
  • website domain & hosting
  • SEO 
  • brand photography
  • copywriting 
  • printing fees

I use WordPress as the main platform for websites.

Yes, absolutely! I know that branding is a big investment, so I’m flexible when it comes to payment. Typically all projects require a 50% deposit upon signing the contract to reserve a spot in our calendar, with the remaining balance distributed equally and billed across the duration of the project.

Every brand is unique, that is why I like to schedule a discovery call first to get to know more about your business and what specifically you need help with. From there I will put together a custom proposal and quote just for you. However, as a reference point: projects with me typically fall within the  $1000 – $4500 range. It’s important to keep in mind that design is a valuable investment which equips you with tools to grow your business and gives you the well deserved feeling of pride and confidence when presenting your brand. Branding is so much more than just a beautiful design, it’s an essential part of your growing business.